Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Fond Farewell to Tucson

Beautiful Tucson! We're only 48 hours away from saying goodbye to the vibrant Old Pueblo that's been our home for the past 3 years, and 6 years before the start of phase one of the Love your Parks Tour. Goodbyes aren't forever though, we'll be back to visit our friends, favorite parks and places, and to discover even more about this historic city.

It's been a hectic last few days getting things ready, but we did manage to squeeze in a few walks and visits to a few of our favorite places: Saguaro National Park, Christopher Columbus Park, Sweetwater Wetlands, Maeveen Behan Desert Sanctuary, and DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun.

From poppies and lupine to jewelflowers and penstemon, all kinds of spring wildflowers are starting to bloom at the Maeveen Behan Desert Sanctuary and in Saguaro National Park. It's the perfect time to get out on park trails and enjoy the spring weather, all the flower power, birds and butterflies. It's a really beautiful time to experience Tucson!

Speaking of birds, we had to go say goodbye to the ducks and waterbirds at Sweetwater Wetlands and Christopher Columbus Park, and boy did they put on a show for us! We saw a roadrunner hunting in the wetlands, ducks having territorial wars, and anhingas and herons out fishing. I love anhingas - I first saw them in the Everglades. Did you know that they are known as "snakebird" for the way they dive underwater after fish, and also as "water turkeys" for the way they fan out their tail feathers (like in the picture below!)

Friday, March 8, 2019

Photographer Susan Priscilla Thew

"If you are weary with the battle, either of business or the greater game of life, and would like to find your way back to sound nerves and a new interest in life, I know of no better place than the wild loveliness of some chosen spot in the High Sierra in which, when you have lost your physical self, you have found your mental and spiritual reawakening." – Susan Priscilla Thew

When we were in Sequoia National Park, I learned about another Priscilla who loves parks just as much as I do. She was a photographer and a conservationist, who wanted to preserve and protect the park....and increase its size. Now this was back in the 1920s, and off she went on horseback, covering hundreds of miles and photographing the magnificent wilderness of the Southern Sierra region.

She compiled a massive photographic record of the region and produced a publication "The Proposed Roosevelt-Sequoia National Park," for distribution to members of Congress promoting the park expansion idea. Her efforts not only helped triple the size of Sequoia National Park, her work inspired Ansel Adams to create a collection of photographs to support the campaign to create Kings Canyon National Park (expanding what was then General Grant National Park) in 1940.

Now that's what I call Priscilla Power!

You can hear the story on SoundCloud with Park Ranger Dana Dierkes, or see the whole feature in this past issue of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine

Happy International Women's Day,
Miss P.

A Fond Farewell to Tucson

Beautiful Tucson! We're only 48 hours away from saying goodbye to the vibrant Old Pueblo that's been our home for the past 3 yea...